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 If you are a talent engineer or scientist, do not hesitate to submit your video presentation or schedule your class via the Talent Portal. If you are searching for technical and scientific information, customize your research, learning experience, attend courses and workshops via the Apprentice-Portal.   

We also invite you to take a look at the list of our latest video publications inside Knowledge & Skills Journal (ISSN 2800-2083). All of them are fully accessible via Apprentice Portal. We hope you will enjoy it, and we look forward to get your feedback about it! 

For technical and scientific information seekers

What can I do with my Apprentice account?

  • Consult scientific and technical video presentations, tutorials and courses
  • Validate my learning by answering tests and earning completion certificates
  • Use discussion spaces to interact with the instructors
  • Attend videoconference classes and workshops

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For engineering instructors, professors and scientists

What can I do with my Talent account?

  • Submit my video presentation to peer review from engineering experts
  • Boost my publication quality by adding trailers, subtitles, voiceover and evaluation tests
  • Publish and monetize my creations
  • Schedule and sell enrolments in my online class

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